Final Week Summary

Doing the final project was very tedious, and was actually my least favorite part of this whole class. I was having a hard time trying to figure out how to display my story and using four different media platforms to d so. This was not my best work, an it probable was not because I did not have a whole week to do this project, I only had 4-5 days. I was more worried about getting all the different aspects of this weeks assignments done than enjoying it and being creative with it. I like my story line of a girl wanting to become a big star because it is something that is a part of what I want in my life. The part I liked doing the most for the final project was creating my story line because in a way, that was the easy non-tedious part.

I tried fulfilling all the requirements of this week as well. I did do the tutorials for all the media platforms I used in creating this story and I did show screenshots of all the steps I took. Now this was the most tedious part. As I was doing this, it got really repetitive and long. I was just about to give up, but I didn’t. Doing the tutorials was really helpful in that I could see if I missed any steps or did anything wrong.

Doing the reflections made me realize how much we did and how much I learned through this whole summer semester. Something that really stuck out to me this week is that the social media/digital platform world is hard to maintain and manage. I really understood why I do not have social media, now want it. I do see that it is important and that it is not necessarily a bad thing. I also learned that there is so much that goes into movie making, picture taking, and audio telling that we don’t see and hear about. I think that audio storytelling is so under appreciated and should be more recognized. Another thing that I learned from this week is that making a story with different elements is important because if it was just stagnant and had no dynamics to it no one would like it. I’ve learned that making and portraying a story effectively is hard and takes time, because you may come across a story that you can relate too, and needs to be heard and may be the only one who can tell it.

The things I would have done differently for this week is be more creative with displaying my story on different media platforms, being more creative, and not drawing pictures ever again to tell a story because those were not great. I would try to actually enjoy creating the story instead of just going through the motions of trying to get things done.

I do think this is a great class, and is a good way to get into the digital world. I did not think I would enjoy doing anything for this class because I hate social media, but this class was more than just social media so that was nice. I learned a lot and things I never knew about, and I was able to incorporate things that matter to me in some assignments which helped me enjoy doing some assignments more than others. I am overall glad that I took this class, I think I did better than I thought I would.

Week 4 Summary

Week 4 went smoothly for me. I enjoyed doing this weeks assignments the most because I love films, videos, and shows. For this weeks assignments I feel I completed all the requirements for each week sufficiently. I showed my process for all the video assignments that I got from the video assignment bank and explained why I was doing each assignment. I explained what I was hearing and seeing in the Look, Listen and Analyze assignments. And I described the methods and techniques I got from Roger Ebert’s How To Read A Movie article and the two videos I selected from the cinematic technique videos. I did 4 Daily Creates and posted them in separate blog post and embedding the links from Twitter in each post.

The only thing that I had a problem with, was being on camera. I hate being on camera and I hate the way my voice sounds on recording machine type things, but I just had to push through it, and I did. I enjoyed doing the lip syncing along video assignment mainly because I was able to incorporate Michael Jackson into it, and if I can do that with any assignment, I will be able to enjoy it. I enjoyed completing the where do you want to go video assignment because these are places that I think about going almost on the daily, and I just love looking at pictures of beautiful, different, exotic places. I also enjoyed doing the whats your skills video assignment because I got to actually do something that I am confident in, and something that brings me joy and is a big part of who I am. I did not fully enjoy doing the look, listen, and analyze assignment because I had to like pick a part the scene I selected, and it was kind of like dissecting an animal, and that is never fun. I learned some new methods when looking at films from reading how to read a movie and watching videos on cinematic techniques. Roger Ebert was very informative in different things to look for, such as: intrinsic weighing, pausing a movie while watching it, and seeing what’s in the seen, and discovering how the scene makes you feel, and looking at the way characters are placed. I like how he he says that touching on how anybody, even an everyday ordinary person, can read and do films. A cinematic technique leaned that having some kind of focus/focal point is important. It helps the audience follow the scene from the One Point Perspective video. Another cinematic technique I learned was they way that films are cut can make tell the audience what kind of of characters are being portrayed without the use of words from the Hitchcock Loves Bikinis video.

Doing the Daily creates for June 10, 2019, June 11, 2019, June 12, 2019 and for June 13, 2019 were also fun to do. I have notice that the daily creates are kind of like a daily journal type thing for an English class, but for a digital studies class. They are a fun and easy way to get creative juices flowing, and the daily creates are the first things I do before doing any other assignments for this class. This week the daily creates were bring me back to my childhood, and the easy times when I had no worries, and reason to stress, it was nice.

The comments that I get are both really encouraging and helps me realize that the things that I am creating are not so bad. I do like seeing others blogs. I enjoy looking at other blogs this week. I try to encourage and say what was good, or what I liked about the post I looked at.

I don’t like talking down to peoples post, because I am not that good at all the social media, blogging, online world stuff. All I got to say to all the people in this class is to keep going, we are almost to the finish line.

Daily Create for June 13, 2019

When I was young I always played with dolls. I was having a hard time describing how to do that without, actually saying “playing with dolls”. I would have used picture, but I no pictures of me playing with dolls, but I remember doing it like everyday. This daily create also made me think about my childhood, sometimes I miss those days.

Daily Create for June 12, 2019

I always wondered what it would be like to be somewhere whee there was nobody, but me, and maybe some animal, with no buildings. It would be like this Daily Create or maybe it would be a Island. I would be really scared and I probably wouldn’t know what to do with myself. I hope the world doesn’t come to that, though!

Daily Create for June 11, 2019

Prince is one of the best musicians of all time, and is a musical inspiration to me. Involving him and one of my favorite movies, Happy Feet, into a Daily Create was fun. This song really speaks volumes to me, and has a special place in my heart. I Hope you like it as well.

Whats Your Skills? Video Assignment

Music is a passion of mine and has been in my family for many generations. Music is what I am the best at understanding and doing. I love singing, trying to play the piano, and trying to play all sorts of instruments, but I think that the Cajón, a percussion instrument is the one for me. I self taught myself how to play this, and am still trying to learn all the different techniques for playing it. I just go thrown into playing it at a worship night two years ago, and I have never stopped playing it ever since. Playing the Cajón is probably the best skill that I have and I just want to share it with others.

  1. to fist complete this assignment I went the Video Assignment Bank , foundd it and then view the details to know I needed to do.

2. Next I took a video of myself showing my skill on using my laptop camera.

3. Next I went to WeVideo and clicked on create a new edit.

4. Then I clicked horizontal, and then clicked start editing on the next screen that appeared.

5. Then I needed to upload my video that i took into WeVideo. To do this I went to the folder with the star on it, located in the top left corner of the page, and then pressed the green button and then clicked browse to select and found the video.

6. Then I put in a background for my title slide. To do this I went to the graphics button all the way at the end, in the top left corner, right below linked resources. Then choose the graphic I wanted, and then dragged, and placed it on the video 1 slot. Then I shorten it to be about 5 seconds long, by sliding the far right of the graphic to the left until it shows 5 seconds on the blue marker.

7. Then I needed to add a title motion with the title of my video. To do this, I clicked on the button with the A on it in the top left corner. Then I selected the title motion I wanted, and dragged it to the video 2 slot placing it right above the title one slot. I shorten it to be the same duration as the graphic clip below it by sliding the far right of the clip to the left until it matches up with the graphic slide. Then I had to edit it by clicking the three lines shown right above the title motion clip, and then clicked on the pencil icon. Then I typed in the title I wanted and then selected the color, the size and style of it as well, and then clicked save changes.

8. Next I put in a transition to make the title slide flow smoothly into the video and just to add some cool effects. To do this I clicked on the half gray, half whit square located in the top left corner of the page below linked resources. Then I selected the the transition I wanted and dragged and placed it right after the graphics clip/slide in the video 1 slot.

9. Then I put in the video of me showing my skill that I uploaded into WeVideo. To do this I clicked on the folder with the star located in the top left corner of the page. Then I selected the video and then dragged and placed it to be right after the transition in the video 1 slot at the bottom of the page.

10. Then I put in another transition at the end of the video of me showing my skill to add some cool effects, and to make the end of the video have a smoother transition into the outro title motion clip. To do this I went to the half gray, half white button below liked resources in the top left corner. Then I selected the same transition as I used before, and dragged and placed it to be right have the video in the video 1 slot.

11. Then I selected a title motion clip by clicking on the square with the A on it at the top left corner. Then I selected the same title motion slide I used before and dragged it to be right after the transition at the end in the video 1 slot. To edit the title motion clip, I clicked on the three lines right above the clip, typed in what I wanted the clip to say, selected the font style, size , and color then clicked on save changes.

Then I previewed the video to see if anything need to be fix. To do this I slid the blue marker, located vertically on the video 1 and 2 slots, all the way to the left and pressed the play button on the small screen in the top right corner and clicked the play button.

Then I clicked the FINISH button at the top of the page in the top left corner, and then typed in the title of my video, and clicked set. Then I choose where I wanted it be exported to and clicked on export. Then I clicked downloaded, so that it can go to my files, and then I will be able to upload it on YouTube.

I was scared and nervous doing this video, but I knew that it was going to be good because I enjoy doing my skill, because it is a big part of who I am.

Where Do You Want To Go? Video Assignment

I always think about traveling the world, and seeing and being in new cultures. I think of what would be the most beautiful spots in those places. I always think about what kinds of things I would do in those places. Traveling the world is a goal of mine and maybe one day I will be able to do it and maybe one day I will have the money for it, but for right now I am just staying in the U.S.

  1. I first had to go to the Video Assignments Page and find this assignment, then look at the details in order to complete the assignment.

2. Then I opened WeVideo and clicked on create a new edit.

3. Then I made a title slide by first clicking the Graphics button in the top left corner of the page, and then clicking and dragging the graphic that I wanted to be the background for the title slide to the video 1 slot that is located near the bottom of the page

4. Then I clicked the ‘A’ located at the top left corner to add a title motion. After I found the one I wanted, I clicked and dragged it into the video 2 slot, placing it right above the graphic slide in the video 1 slot. And then I made both the graphic clip and the title motion clip the same duration by sliding the far right of each clip to the left. Then I clicked on the the three lines to edit the motion title clip, by selecting the font, size, color, and the words I want to be on that clip.

5. Then I found a picture of the first place I wanted to go in google images and saved it into my files Then I uploaded that into WeVideo by clicking on the folder with the star in the top left corner, and then clicking on the green button to go to my files and found the image to upload.

6. Then I selected a transition to put in between the graphics clip and the first picture of the place I want to go. To select a transition I clicked on the half gray half white square at the top left corner of the page. Then I found the transition that I wanted and dragged it into the video 1 slot placing it at the end of the graphics slide.

7. After that I put in the picture right after the transition by going into the folder with the star and selecting the picture I want and placing it right after the transition in the video 1 slot.

9. Then I had to add a title motion clip, so that I can put in the place that the picture is showing. To do this I went back to the square that has the ‘A’ on it and selected the same title motion I used for the title slide, and placing it right above the picture in the video 1 slot next to the first title motion in the video 2 slot.

10. Then I edited that slide the same way I edited the title motion slide for the intro. I clicked on the three lines, then the pencil and typed in the place the picture is showing, and then selected the font size, color, and style.

11. Then I went to YouTube and found music that represented that place and copied the URL of the video that I wanted . Then I went to a YouTube converter to mp3 site and pasted that video into the convert bar and then clicked on convert. After it is done converting click on download to have it saved to your files.

12. After that you have to go back to WeVideo and upload that mp3, or mp4 file into WeVideo media folder. To do this go back to the folder with the star on it, click the green upload button, and then browse and select the audio file you just downloaded. After it is done uploading, select the audio file and drag it to the audio slot at the bottom of the page, placing it right under the first picture of the place you want to go. Then shorten the audio file until it is the same duration as the picture and the title motion clip. To do that take the end of the audio clip and drag it to the left to correct the length.

To put in the rest of your pictures, audio clips and transitions repeat steps 5-12.

13. For the outro slide just select a title motion slide by clicking the square with the ‘A’ on it, dragging and placing the title motion you want after the last picture and transition in the video 1 slot. To edit it just click the three lines and put in what you want that slide/clip to say, then select the font style, size and color.

This project was very tedious but fun, it is a lot of repeating the same thing, so once you find a flow for doing this assignment just stick with it, and before you know it, you will be done.

Lip-Syncing Along Video Assignment

I don’t know if you can tell that I love music yet and that Michael Jackson is my favorite artist, but if you don’t know that just watch the video and you will understand. I love all the lip-syncing shows and I especially love when Jimmy Fallon does the lip-syncing games with his guest on his show, so I just had to do it for myself. I am not the best singer, but being able to pretend like you sound like one of the greatest musical geniuses of all time is a great feeling. I know there will only be one Michael Joseph Jackson (a.k.a. The King of Pop) as there should be, but I just wanted to have fun and just imagine that I was the King/Queen of Pop.

To First do this assignment I had to go to the Video Assignment Bank and find this assignment and read the assignment details.

After I read the details, I got to work I first had to decide what song I wanted to do, and I just went to Spotify find the song.

After that I opened the camera app on my laptop and started to record myself lip-syncing to the first two verses of Rock With You by Michael Jackson. After I recorded the video, I then saved it.

After that I made a WeVideo account. WeVideo is a movie/video editing software online site and is very easy to use. Once I made an account I clicked on create a new edit.

After that the a page where I did all my editing appeared. And then I clicked on the folder with a star located a the top left corner, and uploaded my lip-syncing video into that folder.

After that I then clicked and dragged the video into the video 1 line located near the bottom.

Then I added a title slide to do this, you first have to get a background design for the title slide. I clicked on the Graphics button located at the top left corner and then found the one I wanted and clicked and dragged it to be in front of the video.

After that I shorten the title slide to be about 5 seconds long by clicking the far end of the graphics picture in the video 1 slot and sliding it to the left. I also dragged the video closer to the title slide so that the transition could be smoother.

After that I added text to the title slide. To do this I went to the button that has the ‘A’ on it to select the kind of tile motion I wanted. When I found the one I clicked and dragged that to the video 2 slot located above the video one shot, and placed it right above the title background slide, and made it the same duration as the tittle background slide as well.

After that I clicked on the 3 lines above the tile slide and selected the pencil on the left end, and edited the title slide by putting in what I wanted it to say, choosing, the font, and color, and size.

Then I made an ending slide and used the same title slide motion for the ending slide. I put the ending slide at the end in the video 1 slot, and made that as long as I thought it should be, just as I did with the title slide and edited it as well.

Then I watched the video to see if I needed to fix anything, by pressing the play button in the screen located in the top right corner of the page.

lastly I clicked FINISH at the the top left corner of the page and then clicked on where you want the video to be exported to and clicked on export. Then I clicked the three lines and saved it as well.

I know that seeing all the steps I took to do this makes this project seem like it was, but it was very easy and enjoyable.

Look, Listen, Analyze

Analyze Camera Work

First of all let me say, that watching a scene from a movie that you know is good without sound is very nerve racking, so watching the scene above without sound was very frustrating for me. Anyway, I did it! One thing I realized was that looking at the way the camera is placed can help the audience get a sense of what that space in the scene is like. I saw that the camera was moving is some sort of a circular motion around the character, letting the audience see all the fighting in all the angles, making them believe that the fighting is real, when really it is all just choreographed. I also saw a lot of one-point perspective going on, and that made me realize one point perspective is probably used in just about all movies. The one point perspective showed me some symmetrical things and some asymmetrical things. There was some foreground and background effects going on. The foreground was more clear and the background was more blurred, giving focus to what is going on and what to keep your eyes on.

Analyze Audio Work

The dialogue was easy to follow because there was not a lot of it, most of the scene was just fighting. I could hear the shooting of bullets, the slashing and swishing of weapons, the falling of objects, the grunts of people. I could clearly tell this was a fighting scene. When there was talking the music would come down and then once the person was done talking the music would gradually get louder, and intensify giving this sort of adrenaline rush feeling, one might get from skiing down a tall snowy mountain, or sky diving out of a plane. There wasn’t to many sound effects which made following the sound easy.

Put It All Together

Nothing is better than putting something together and having all the parts work as one. It’s like baking a cake, you have all the ingredients separate from each other, and then you have to add all them all together and get this delicious treat, or maybe a bad treat, depending on how you put the ingredients together and how much of each thing you put together. There was one part that I missed in the analyzing audio section. I missed the sound of the doors opening, and closing and the patting of feet on the floor from running. I guess one could say I missed the sounds because I was so focused on the sounds of guns, the swishing, of weapons, the sounds of grunting, and the sounds of bullets that I just tuned out the sound of doors and feet on the floor. I know that back in the day there was no sound with films, and people could still know the purpose of the film. For example, people knew the a Charlie Chaplin film was meant for comedy, and you could possibly still identify the category of each film today without the sound involved, but without sound, and without pictures people won’t get the full effect of what is being portrayed in each scene.