Lip-Syncing Along Video Assignment

I don’t know if you can tell that I love music yet and that Michael Jackson is my favorite artist, but if you don’t know that just watch the video and you will understand. I love all the lip-syncing shows and I especially love when Jimmy Fallon does the lip-syncing games with his guest on his show, so I just had to do it for myself. I am not the best singer, but being able to pretend like you sound like one of the greatest musical geniuses of all time is a great feeling. I know there will only be one Michael Joseph Jackson (a.k.a. The King of Pop) as there should be, but I just wanted to have fun and just imagine that I was the King/Queen of Pop.

To First do this assignment I had to go to the Video Assignment Bank and find this assignment and read the assignment details.

After I read the details, I got to work I first had to decide what song I wanted to do, and I just went to Spotify find the song.

After that I opened the camera app on my laptop and started to record myself lip-syncing to the first two verses of Rock With You by Michael Jackson. After I recorded the video, I then saved it.

After that I made a WeVideo account. WeVideo is a movie/video editing software online site and is very easy to use. Once I made an account I clicked on create a new edit.

After that the a page where I did all my editing appeared. And then I clicked on the folder with a star located a the top left corner, and uploaded my lip-syncing video into that folder.

After that I then clicked and dragged the video into the video 1 line located near the bottom.

Then I added a title slide to do this, you first have to get a background design for the title slide. I clicked on the Graphics button located at the top left corner and then found the one I wanted and clicked and dragged it to be in front of the video.

After that I shorten the title slide to be about 5 seconds long by clicking the far end of the graphics picture in the video 1 slot and sliding it to the left. I also dragged the video closer to the title slide so that the transition could be smoother.

After that I added text to the title slide. To do this I went to the button that has the ‘A’ on it to select the kind of tile motion I wanted. When I found the one I clicked and dragged that to the video 2 slot located above the video one shot, and placed it right above the title background slide, and made it the same duration as the tittle background slide as well.

After that I clicked on the 3 lines above the tile slide and selected the pencil on the left end, and edited the title slide by putting in what I wanted it to say, choosing, the font, and color, and size.

Then I made an ending slide and used the same title slide motion for the ending slide. I put the ending slide at the end in the video 1 slot, and made that as long as I thought it should be, just as I did with the title slide and edited it as well.

Then I watched the video to see if I needed to fix anything, by pressing the play button in the screen located in the top right corner of the page.

lastly I clicked FINISH at the the top left corner of the page and then clicked on where you want the video to be exported to and clicked on export. Then I clicked the three lines and saved it as well.

I know that seeing all the steps I took to do this makes this project seem like it was, but it was very easy and enjoyable.

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  1. This seemed like such a fun assignment to do, basically a good excuse to just jam out to a favorite song! I also love watching those Jimmy Fallon videos where the celebrities are singing and doing crazy exaggerated dance moves, haha!

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