Where Do You Want To Go? Video Assignment

I always think about traveling the world, and seeing and being in new cultures. I think of what would be the most beautiful spots in those places. I always think about what kinds of things I would do in those places. Traveling the world is a goal of mine and maybe one day I will be able to do it and maybe one day I will have the money for it, but for right now I am just staying in the U.S.

  1. I first had to go to the Video Assignments Page and find this assignment, then look at the details in order to complete the assignment.

2. Then I opened WeVideo and clicked on create a new edit.

3. Then I made a title slide by first clicking the Graphics button in the top left corner of the page, and then clicking and dragging the graphic that I wanted to be the background for the title slide to the video 1 slot that is located near the bottom of the page

4. Then I clicked the ‘A’ located at the top left corner to add a title motion. After I found the one I wanted, I clicked and dragged it into the video 2 slot, placing it right above the graphic slide in the video 1 slot. And then I made both the graphic clip and the title motion clip the same duration by sliding the far right of each clip to the left. Then I clicked on the the three lines to edit the motion title clip, by selecting the font, size, color, and the words I want to be on that clip.

5. Then I found a picture of the first place I wanted to go in google images and saved it into my files Then I uploaded that into WeVideo by clicking on the folder with the star in the top left corner, and then clicking on the green button to go to my files and found the image to upload.

6. Then I selected a transition to put in between the graphics clip and the first picture of the place I want to go. To select a transition I clicked on the half gray half white square at the top left corner of the page. Then I found the transition that I wanted and dragged it into the video 1 slot placing it at the end of the graphics slide.

7. After that I put in the picture right after the transition by going into the folder with the star and selecting the picture I want and placing it right after the transition in the video 1 slot.

9. Then I had to add a title motion clip, so that I can put in the place that the picture is showing. To do this I went back to the square that has the ‘A’ on it and selected the same title motion I used for the title slide, and placing it right above the picture in the video 1 slot next to the first title motion in the video 2 slot.

10. Then I edited that slide the same way I edited the title motion slide for the intro. I clicked on the three lines, then the pencil and typed in the place the picture is showing, and then selected the font size, color, and style.

11. Then I went to YouTube and found music that represented that place and copied the URL of the video that I wanted . Then I went to a YouTube converter to mp3 site and pasted that video into the convert bar and then clicked on convert. After it is done converting click on download to have it saved to your files.

12. After that you have to go back to WeVideo and upload that mp3, or mp4 file into WeVideo media folder. To do this go back to the folder with the star on it, click the green upload button, and then browse and select the audio file you just downloaded. After it is done uploading, select the audio file and drag it to the audio slot at the bottom of the page, placing it right under the first picture of the place you want to go. Then shorten the audio file until it is the same duration as the picture and the title motion clip. To do that take the end of the audio clip and drag it to the left to correct the length.

To put in the rest of your pictures, audio clips and transitions repeat steps 5-12.

13. For the outro slide just select a title motion slide by clicking the square with the ‘A’ on it, dragging and placing the title motion you want after the last picture and transition in the video 1 slot. To edit it just click the three lines and put in what you want that slide/clip to say, then select the font style, size and color.

This project was very tedious but fun, it is a lot of repeating the same thing, so once you find a flow for doing this assignment just stick with it, and before you know it, you will be done.

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  1. This is great! It made we want to travel to these spots, too. You gave a very detailed description of how you completed this assignment, I’ll definitely check out WeVideo for completing assignments.

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